Thursday, January 22, 2009

Murtha: No Problem With Gitmo Detainees in PA Prisons

U.S. Representative John Murtha says he would not have any qualms if the Guantanamo detainees were transferred to a prison in his Congressional district. The Johnstown Democrat, a strong critic of the war in Iraq, praised today's signing by President Barack Obama of an executive order to shutdown the Guantanamo Detention Center within a year. The President also signed orders to review the military trials of terror suspects and ban the harshest interrogation methods.
Congressman Murtha, who heads the House Subcommittee that funds the military, says there's no reason not to put the Gitmo detainees in prisons in the United states and handle them the same way as other prisoners. Murtha says the Bush Administration never understood what the Guantanamo detention facility symbolized to the rest of the world "they saw it as simply a prison" and "the problem with Guantanamo is that its very existence stains and defies the moral fiber of our great nation."

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