Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Specter May Hold Keys to Holder

The confirmation process for Attorney General-designate Eric Holder has landed Pennsylvania's senior senator back in the national spotlight. Democrats say it's time for a vote on Holder but Republican Arlen Specter says he still has a lot of questions about President Obama's pick. Specter is the leading Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He says he's not ready to make up his mind yet. He says nominees for Attorney General should be held to a higher standard than other Cabinet picks. “He's a different Cabinet officer. Other Cabinet officers carry out the president's policy. The Attorney General has a duty which is independent-to the people, and to the rule of law.” Says Specter who used to be the Philadelphia District Attorney and assistant to the Warren Commission. Further concerning Specter is Holder's role in a controversial pardon handed out to Marc Rich on the last day of the Clinton presidency. He says makes him wonder whether Holder has the qualities needed to hold the office wondering if, “Holder bent to try and please President Clinton.”

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