Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PennDOT Makes Wish List

With President Obama now in office, and expected to push an infrastructure stimulus package, PennDOT has prepared by making a list of how to spend the possible money. Thus far, PennDOT is seeking for approximately $1.5 billion in funding for road and bridge projects through the state, including almost $200 million for projects within Allegheny County.

PennDOT Spokesperson Jim Struzzi reminds everyone that the list is preliminary, and it has been made to ensure that additional funding would be spent properly if they received it. He says most of projects listed within Allegheny County are existing projects that need more funding.

Key county projects include the North Side expansion and upgrade of Route 28, the Fort Duquesne Bridge upgrade, the re-organization of the Routes 22-30-60 interchange in Robinson, and Liberty Tunnel updates.

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