Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Waterfront Cameras may be Just 90-Days Away

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala gave Mon-Valley elected officials a few more details on his plan to put cameras at the Waterfront. Zappala is still looking for the $22,000 local match to free up a $100,000 Department of Homeland Security grant to install the cameras. The 2-mega pixel cameras will be mounted at every entrance to the development and they will be hooked into a system with face and licenses plate recognition capabilities. Zappala says the system will help solve crimes, catch criminals and, reduce criminal activity. “Nothing is a better deterrent to crime than knowing you are going to get caught.” Zappala says he hopes to have the system in place in 90 days and then will look to expand onto 8th avenue and then into other communities. The technology will eventually allow business owners to purchase their own cameras and, with permission, place them on the same system using a simple Internet connection. With the number and face recognition software there is no need for an officer to watch the cameras or comb through the video looking for a suspect.

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