Saturday, September 26, 2009

83 G20 Arrests Made Thursday

Pittsburgh Public Safety officials released arrests and damage numbers after the G20 Pittsburgh summit came to an end but before the Friday night protests in Oakland. Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Michael Huss says a total of 83 G20 related arrests were made and the protesters did an estimated $50,000 damage. One man allegedly did the bulk of that damage. Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper says state police witnessed David Japengo breaking 20 windows at a Citizens Bank branch and several other windows following the rally Thursday Night in Oakland. Harper says based on the information from the State Police officers they were able to track down and arrest Japengo a short time later. The damage attributed to Japengo alone reached $20,000. Harper says when he was taken into custody Japengo gave the name Jon Doe and then Eric Blair before police learned his real identity. Police say Japengo is 20 or 21-years old and lives in California. It is believed he came to Pittsburgh just to protest the G20. Allegheny County chief of emergency service Robert Full says as of 9:00 Friday night 40 G20 arrestees were still in the county jail.
Huss praised the officers deployed in the G20 security and all of the agencies involved. He says the special training and additional equipment given to the officers and added to the city’s property list will have a long-term effect on the city’s ability to respond to any situation.

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