Monday, September 21, 2009

Code Pink Tent City Up and Running

Taking advantage of a recent court ruling allowing Code Pink to set up shop in Point State Park, the group has their booths, speaking area and tents set up ready to educate the public on their primary issues. Edith Bell of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom which is sharing space with Code Pink, says they want to get out the message that G20 leaders should be using their vast resources to help the neediest, rather than the wealthiest people and corporations. She also strongly urged people to get out and protest the wrongs they see in society. Bell says she grew up in Nazi Germany and knows the consequences of sitting quietly by and allowing leaders to make decisions unchallenged. Francine Porter, coordinator for Code Pink in Pittsburgh was also on hand. She says their group was formed in reaction to the war in Iraq, and their message of peace and bringing the troops and resources home still resonates today. She also expressed disappointment that they would not be allowed to stay in Point Park Thursday and Friday when they would have the most impact. Instead she's helping create a contingency of women to join in with the march that will demonstrate from Oakland to downtown Friday afternoon.

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