Monday, September 21, 2009

Tent City For Jobs Pops Up in Hill Dist.

A group of G20 protesters has set up a tent city in the Hill District as part of their effort to being attention to the need for jobs in the economic recovery. Larry Holmes is organizing the “tent city for the unemployed” and several marches this week. He says the leaders of the G20 need to institute government plans that will create jobs. He says talk of governments pulling back economic stimulus spending needs to reversed and governments need to make sure this is not a jobless recovery as some economists are predicting. He says the new economy will not replace the jobs being lost right now and he says there is no way we can have a healthy world with unemployment as high as it is today. He says he understands that the leaders will not respond to emails and letters asking for action but they will respond to rallies, marches and tent cities. Holmes says he already has 50 tents on the land and more are coming every day. The Monumental Baptist Church owns the lot on Willey Ave. He says he knew the city would not allow groups to camp in its parks so he immediately began looking for private land. He says all are welcome but they need to understand, “this is a serious protest.” He says alcohol, drugs and fighting will not be tolerated. Holmes says special committees dealing with issues such as sanitation, healthcare and food have been created to make sure the tent city runs smoothly. He says they probably have enough food to last a month.

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