Thursday, September 24, 2009

Police use O-C Gas

Protesters and police clashed in several Pittsburgh neighborhoods yesterday, but it all started with an unauthorized rally and march in Lawrenceville. Protesters began in Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville under the watchful eye of police. After hitting the streets police allowed the group to get to the corner of Penn and 34th before setting up a barricade. At that point police for the first time in the United States used a sonic crowd control device that hurt protesters' ears and then used the same speakers to boom out a warning. Lawrenceville resident Tamira McBride says she was OK with the protesters coming through her neighborhood. She says, “I think this is real. I think this is right. Why do you keep trying to take away from the poor and give to the rich? Give it back to us.” Mc Bride says she felt the police were just trying to show off. After dispersing temporarily, the protesters gathered again on 37th street and this time rolled a dumpster at police who used O-C gas to send them on their way. Police continued to chase protesters from one standoff to another through Bloomfield, Oakland and other neighborhoods. Several arrests were made. The protesters were calling for a wide range of things including the end of capitalism and the end of Canadian seal hunts.

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