Thursday, September 24, 2009

Russian Chief Has High Hopes for Summit, U.S. Relations

Russian Federation President Dmitry Medvedev spoke to University of Pittsburgh students on Iran’s nuclear situation, the global economy, U.S.-Russia relations and more tonight, taking questions from students of Pitt’s Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Medvedev says he’s okay with Iran pursuing nuclear energy, but only for peaceful purposes. He says Iran needs to join “responsible countries” like the U.S. in agreeing to a non-proliferation treaty of nuclear arms. He says sanctions might be inefficient, though, and thinks we should continue to challenge the Middle East country to be accountable for its nuclear energy.

“Trying to stimulate it into peaceful research, in nuclear energy, at the same time, push it to make all its programs transparent and open, and not an issue of concern for the Middle East and the globe,” said Medvedev, through an interpreter.

Medvedev says topics of concern between the United States and Russia have become easier under the Obama administration, in part because of the good personal relationship he holds with the president. He says he hopes this bond with the U.S. and other countries will help make this G20 summit productive.

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