Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alternative Conference

With all the hype involved with the G20 in Pittsburgh this week, a coalition and political party are organizing a conference of their own to take place tonight. The Libertarian Party is conducting a grassroots alternative to the G20 called the Freedom Conference. Coordinator Tom Kawczynski says they are going to educate attendees about the history of the G20, and are also discussing the costs and consequences of policies made.

However, he says that the event is going to not only appeal to those with a Libertarian viewpoint, but also appeals to anyone that believes in small government and transparency.

“I think that everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, can find something in this conference,” Kawczynski says.

The event will also include three guest speakers: Authors Edward Griffin, Thomas Woods and Joan Veon. It will begin at 7p.m. at Soldiers and Sailors Hall in Oakland, September 22. Cost is $25, $10 with valid high school or college identification. For more information, visit freedomconference2009.com.

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