Friday, September 25, 2009

Visitors Like Pittsburgh, Not G20

Journalists from across the world have gathered at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, but many of them find it difficult to see as much of the city as they’d like. Security sometimes makes entering the convention center a 45 minute process, causing reporters to loathe leaving the building.

Being cooped up in one building doesn’t allow journalists to see very much of the city, but Heather Scott of Market News International in Washington, DC says she likes Pittsburgh – just not the summit.

“The stuff that I don’t like has been to do with the organization of the conference and the logistics. I just think it’s been nightmarish getting around the city, just getting here. I’ve never quite experienced a conference where it’s been so hard to get in and out.”

Anchor Deborah Rottner for RTT News in Buffalo says the summit just wasn’t organized very well.

“The way that this conference has been run, it feels like the press has been a little more of an inconvenience than anything else. But the city itself has been great.”

Scott and Rottner agree: while Pittsburgh continues to challenge their preconceptions, the G20 continues to give them a headache.

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