Friday, September 25, 2009

Governor Calls for Action on Climate Change

Governor Ed Rendell says he hopes the G-20 summit will bring new attention to the issue of climate change. He spoke at the August Wilson Center today. Rendell says Pennsylvania is doing its part with laws that require the state to reduce its carbon emissions. And he says the state is providing incentives for renewable energy companies. Earlier today, Rendell appeared at Carnegie Mellon University. where he announced that a Korean firm would build plants in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to manufacture electric vehicles.

The governor also says he supports cleaner-coal technologies like carbon sequestration. He says it's not clear yet whether carbon sequestration can be completely clean, but it's worth a try. Kumi Naidoo with the Global Campaign for Climate Action, who appeared with the governor, says he thinks investments need to be focused on energy alternatives that have a proven impact.

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