Monday, September 21, 2009

G20 March Permit Agreement

Organizers of the September 25th "Peoples' March" say they will receive a permit to cross the 7th Street Bridge and hold their closing rally at East Park on the North Side.

Peter Shell, Anti-War Co-Chair at the Thomas Merton Center, says there's been some frustration that it's taken so long, but the 66 groups who've signed on are pleased with the East Park location--within sight of the convention center across the Allegheny River. According to Shell, it's important for G20 delegates to hear the demands coming out the the Peoples' Summit and Peoples' Tribunal to end the economic and environmental crises G20 policies contribute to.

The event begins at noon with a rally at Fifth and Craft in Oakland and includes a march to the City County Building for another rally before heading to East Park.
As always, says Shell, the Thomas Merton Center is determined to have a peaceful march. Further information is available at

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