Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shields: Post the Permits

Pittsburgh City Council President Doug Shields is calling on the city to post a list of all the G20 related permits that have been issued. The move comes on the heals of a federal court ruling upholding two permit denials and reversing another. Shields says he wants to make sure people who want to exercise their first amendment rights know where they can go to do so without being in danger of breaking the law. Shields wants the list to include the locations and times of any event and the routes of any marches. He says he is “very concerned” by announcements by groups that say they will hold marches and rallies without any permits. Shields says he, “has no use for people who make it clear it is their intention to do harm to this city whether its persons or property.” He says those people, “are looking only to drawn attention to themselves and to be disruptive and destructive.”

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