Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free Food For the Protesters

When the G20 protesters ended their march from Oakland to the North Side Friday they were greeted in Allegheny Commons Park with a free meal. The lunch of beans and rice on flat bread was prepared by the group Seeds of Peace. The group was the focus of a federal court fight earlier in the week. The group claimed it was being harassed by police who they felt were forcing landowners to evict them and the bus they use to prepare the meals. The judge did not agree but left the door open for a civil suit. Seeds member Peter Nolan says ultimately the police did not slow them down. He says they were able to attend all the events they wanted to attend and provide all the meals they had intended to deliver. Joe Shade and Elliot Rivera came in from Irwin to protest and say they were happy the kitchen was around. “Everyone gets hungry right?” asked Shade. Seeds of Peace travels cross-country from event to event providing support to protesters.

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